Five Netflix Documentaries to Watch This Week

Netflix is full of hundreds of quality TV shows and movies (most of which I have watched) so take my word when I say you need to get into their documentary section. It’s time to stray away from the norm for my friends watching Orange is the New Black for the third time. Take an hour or two (or three?) to watch a few of my top five Netflix documentaries this week and get educated on some events going on around you.


Amanda Knox

In 2007 Amanda Knox was convicted of killing her roommate, Meredith Kercher, while studying as an exchange student in Italy. She spent four years in prison there and after several appeals was definitively acquitted in 2015. This trial had everything from police intimidation to botched DNA evidence to keep the media entertained for almost a decade. Check it out and decide for yourself if she’s truly innocent.


Chef’s Table

The documentary series, Chef’s Table, follows six world-renowned international chef’s through their daily lives. Each episode is approximately an hour long, and will show you everything from their personal projects to giving you a peak into their kitchens. I dare you not to drool during this.


How to Win the US Presidency 

With hearing everything going on with election season for our friendly neighbours south of us you might be wondering, in the words of Donald Trump, what’s going on? This fairly short documentary gives you better insight into the multiple different aspects that affect how
candidates actually get to become the commander in chief of the United States of America.


The Hunting Ground

Quite a somber topic, but an important. Many post-secondary institutions try to hide or misconstrue statistics regarding the epidemic of rape on college campus’. As we ourselves are university students I think it’s extremely important to educate yourself on what’s happening in our society. This documentary is filmed from the perspectives of students attending college in the United States.


Where to Invade Next

If you’re at all familiar with documentaries then you most likely already know filmmaker Michael Moore. To go along with the theme of learning more about our American neighbours, Moore “invades” other countries around the world, to look for solutions to problems currently occurring in the United States. If you enjoy quick wit and dry humour this one’s for you.



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