Downtown Study Cafés

Downtown cafés to study in are a hot commodity around town. Everyone is always looking for the perfect spot to set up shop for a few hours, especially during exam season. Check out these study cafés next time you’re around campus.



Location: 382 Yonge Street

This small shop is about a 5 minute walk from campus. The shop itself can’t fit more than 15 people at a time, but it’s so close you can always grab and go find a place around campus to sit and enjoy. I’d highly recommend trying their iced mochas (you can thank me later).



Location: 122 Bond Street

Located right on campus Balzacs is the perfect study spot for in between classes. Sometimes it gets a little busy so make sure to claim your table quick! Artisanal, Sustainable, Local and Natural are the four cornerstones of their business practices, so you know you’re always getting the best.

got a latte stuff to get done ☕

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Coffee Public

Location: 800 Bay Street

Coffee Public gives you a great view of Dundas Street West to help the city inspire you in between assignments. This location has lots of seating and plugs to keep your laptop charging for hours. Plus their coffee mugs are bigger than my face! Now thats what I call a win-win-win.



Location: 562 Bay Street

Aroma has multiple locations around town, but I’d recommend avoiding the one at the Eaton Centre for less distractions while studying. Easily the best part of this chain store is the food. It’s the perfect compromise for coffee lovers and foodies alike, especially if you’re in the mood for a long study session- your brain needs food to study!


Black Bear Espresso

Location: 25 Carlton Street

Black Bear Espresso is a secret hideaway for Ryerson students looking to really get work done. Grab a coffee with friend or hold your next student group meeting here. There’s plenty to go around!

Sunday ❤️ coffee break #Toronto #BlackBearEspresso

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Page One

Location: 106 Mutual Street

Another spot right on campus! Page one is more quiet and offers students a quieter atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of Gould Street. Whether you’re looking to spend 10 minutes or an hour their killer playlists will always have you coming back again.


Goldstruck Coffee

Location: 130 Cumberland Street

Find windows distracting? Love cozy spaces for relaxing and studying? Well look no further than Goldstruck Coffee! Their underground location will help you focus on the task at hand. Their atmosphere is built for students with plenty of plug outlets and cheap drinks!

Goldstruck coffee, a new cafe in Yorkville ☕️

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Location: 347 Yonge Street

While there are plenty of Starbucks shops around town we have our very own in the Student Learning Centre (SLC). Get inspired with fellow rams working hard or relax in some of their super comfy chairs, whichever you like.

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