Best Vegetarian Eats Around Ryerson

I am vegetarian and gluten-free and I have a gosh-darn hard time finding good places to eat out. Either the dish has shrimp or chicken or beef or wheat noodles- ugh! I wanted to help out my vegetarian pals out there with some yummy and affordable places to munch around Ryerson. I hope this helps you all in some way or another!


Salad King (340 Yonge St)

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If you like Thai food and cheap eats, Salad King is the place for you. They have a 20% off deal for Ryerson students (that’s us!!!) Monday-Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.. Personally, I have tried every single one of their vegetarian options and they are all delicious and all under $11.


Scaddabush (382 Yonge St)

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Scaddabush became one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto when I realized they had a huge choice of gluten-free and vegetarian pizzas and pastas. They also make their own authentic mozzarella balls in house! So yummy.


Blaze (10 Dundas St E)

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Blaze is my guilty pleasure. They make delicious, wood-fired pizza with unlimited toppings for $12. Being gluten-free, my pizza usually comes to around $17 for me. But, if you aren’t celiac like little old me, this place is a steal for a tasty personal pizza.


Oakham Cafeย (35 Gould St)

This is honestly my favourite place on campus (or around campus). Oakham House is basically my second home. They have a large breadth of options for vegetarians and vegans alike. The best part is you can pay with One Card and there is no tax! Also, the all-day breakfast is pretty radical.


Patties Express (4 Elm St)

Although there is only one vegetarian option, the veggie patty at Patties Express is the yummiest on-the-go treat I’ve found around Ryerson. You can get two patties and a soda for a little over $4!


Gingerย (355 Yonge St.)

Another Thai option… yes, I love Thai, okay?! Ginger is infamous for their humongous bowl of pho and delicious pad thai. Don’t worry- they have veggie and vegan options for each of their signature dishes.


I hope all my veggie pals and even my non-veggie pals enjoy the yummy goodies they pick up at any of these places!

See you all soon.



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