Best Vegetarian Eats Around Ryerson

I am vegetarian and gluten-free and I have a gosh-darn hard time finding good places to eat out. Either the dish has shrimp or chicken or beef or wheat noodles- ugh! I wanted to help out my vegetarian pals out there with some yummy and affordable places to munch around Ryerson. I hope this helps you all in some way or another!


Salad King (340 Yonge St)

Thai dinner with relatives 🙂

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If you like Thai food and cheap eats, Salad King is the place for you. They have a 20% off deal for Ryerson students (that’s us!!!) Monday-Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.. Personally, I have tried every single one of their vegetarian options and they are all delicious and all under $11.


Scaddabush (382 Yonge St)

Scaddabush became one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto when I realized they had a huge choice of gluten-free and vegetarian pizzas and pastas. They also make their own authentic mozzarella balls in house! So yummy.


Blaze (10 Dundas St E)

Blaze is my guilty pleasure. They make delicious, wood-fired pizza with unlimited toppings for $12. Being gluten-free, my pizza usually comes to around $17 for me. But, if you aren’t celiac like little old me, this place is a steal for a tasty personal pizza.


Oakham Cafe (35 Gould St)

This is honestly my favourite place on campus (or around campus). Oakham House is basically my second home. They have a large breadth of options for vegetarians and vegans alike. The best part is you can pay with One Card and there is no tax! Also, the all-day breakfast is pretty radical.


Patties Express (4 Elm St)

Although there is only one vegetarian option, the veggie patty at Patties Express is the yummiest on-the-go treat I’ve found around Ryerson. You can get two patties and a soda for a little over $4!


Ginger (355 Yonge St.)

Another Thai option… yes, I love Thai, okay?! Ginger is infamous for their humongous bowl of pho and delicious pad thai. Don’t worry- they have veggie and vegan options for each of their signature dishes.


I hope all my veggie pals and even my non-veggie pals enjoy the yummy goodies they pick up at any of these places!

See you all soon.



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