The Best Caffeine Fix Around Ryerson

September is coming up and so are those early mornings and late nights. So in order to survive the school year, here are my top picks for your caffeine kick close to campus!


Easily the closest and most convenient spont on the list, Balzac’s is right in the heart of campus and it has tons of options! Anything from lattes to apple ciders – they have anything you can imagine to keep you awake during those early morning lectures.

Jimmy’s coffee is just a stone’s throw away from campus but it is well worth the walk! Located on Gerrard, just past Bay, this shop is super cute to do your assignments at while sippin’ on some java.


Rise Espresso is tucked away on Mutual St near campus but you can easily run there between classes! It’s a great spot to quickly grab an espresso shot (and trust me, it will definitely wake you up!)

A crowd favourite, Starbucks is conveniently in the SLC at Ryerson! The great thing about Starbucks is you can grab your coffee and a snack all on your meal plan!


Bubble tea might not be the first thing you think of when you think caffeine, but Sharetea has tons of options and it’s right around the corner from campus! They also have daily specials and it is great to quench your thirst on those warmer fall days!

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