Client Service Updates and Access Centre summer programs

Greetings from Undergraduate Admissions & Recruitment, Admission decisions continue to go out on an ongoing basis.   Be sure to check your Choose>Ryerson portal account for the latest information regarding your application(s). If you have applied to multiple programs at Ryerson and have not yet heard all of the decisions, please know that you can accept […]

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Client Service Top Questions ~ Week of November 5

Currently we are receiving lots of questions about the possibility of applying for Winter 2013.  All of our full-time programs only admit for the fall term, whereas some of our part-time programs will admit for the winter.  Often the minimum requirements are different, so you will want to make sure you meet the requirements before […]

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Top Questions from the Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF)

Greetings from Undergraduate Admissions & Recruitment, The Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF) was a very busy weekend!  We had the opportunity to connect with many excited individuals interested in applying to Ryerson.  The common questions that we were asked were: ~ Which programs do you offer and what are the minimum requirements? All of the programs […]

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