Author: Taylor Stone


Downtown Study Cafés

Downtown cafés to study in are a hot commodity around town. Everyone is always looking for the perfect spot to set up shop for a few hours, especially during exam season. Check out these study cafés n…


Best Tacos in Toronto

I've started to think of myself as somewhat of a taco connoisseur, so for the benefit of you all I went out of my way to try some of the best tacos around Toronto. Here are five of the top Taco places…


March In Toronto

Now some of you might be wondering what the weather is like here in the Great White North. March is a tricky time, some days it's spring, some days it's winter, some days its somewhere in-between. To …


RSU Services You Forgot About

During Orientation Week were all bombarded with flyers and coupons that we hardly have the time to read through them all. Even if you did have to the time to read a few the chances are that you've pro…


Toronto Tea Time

Baby it's cold outside. Looking for something to warm you up on a cold winter day? Well, look no further! Toronto is filled with tea shops to satisfy all your tea needs during the next few cold months…

My First Week Back

What a crazy first week back it was! After having a month off it's hard to get back into the swing of school, but with so much to do there's no time ease into it. Second semester is in full swing and …