Author: Shay Alford


My Favourite Study Spots

 Before you ask, yes, that cover photo is of me.  If you're here, it means you must be interested in where I find myself studying most often. You came to the right place, because I will now tell yo…

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Saying Goodbye To Sheldon

Earlier this week, Shay and Mady attended the Sheldon Levy Farewell Ceremony. Sheldon has been the President and Vice-Chancellor of Ryerson for the past decade and a half. His time here has been so im…

Shay with his 'bae'

Meet Shay!

Hey! I'm Shay. I'm also one of your WhyRyerson Bloggers / Snapchatters / Tweeters / Instagram..ers? This post is my first official introduction to all of you, although you may have seen me before this…