Author: Shay Alford


A Letter From 36,000 ft.

Let’s get real for a few minutes, I knew that coming to Ryerson brought with it a number of commitments. I’ve been taking planes for as early as I can remember - to Mexico with my parents or even q…


New Year, New… Me?

Winter is upon us at Ryerson and I’m just entering my second semester of my second year here at Ryerson. As I’m sure you could imagine, about 1,000,000 things are running through my mind every second.…


How To Be A True Ram

The Rams are what? DYNAMITE!  If you're just considering Ryerson, or currently attend here but live under a rock, you may not know a lot about our Ryerson Rams. Here's five ways that you can be the…

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Winter Feature: The Holiday Show!

To start the holidays off right, Shay took a trip over to the Ryerson Theatre to watch the annual Holiday Show! This hilarious family fun show is put on by the Ryerson Theatre School (RTS), featuring …