Author: Natalie


Common Myths: High School Vs. University

I remember in High school where teachers and rumour’s spread around really freaked me out of what to expect from university. Plus, if you’re the first one to go to university out of any of your siblin…


Prime Lecture Spots

Anywhere you can hear the professor (which usually includes being in somewhere in the middle). Not the first row. I always catch myself looking too high up at the lecture power point and the prof…


Dealing with the Flu

It’s flu season! And let me just start off with saying that I had no idea what was coming. I woke up on a Tuesday morning in my warm bed, took a shower, ate breakfast, and watched some Judge Judy as g…

Ryerson student textbooks

How To: Save On Textbooks Around Ryerson

The first few weeks of school after any long break can be stressful, and keeping finances in check (or else you’ll be living off of ramen noodles for the semester) can be causing even more of a headac…

Ryerson students on campus

How NOT To Fall Behind

A couple of weeks into the semester and you're noticing the readings piling up, have midterms every week and then a whole bunch of papers due out of nowhere! The worst thing I’ve done is slacking off …