Common Myths: High School Vs. University

I remember in High school where teachers and rumour’s spread around really freaked me out of what to expect from university. Plus, if you’re the first one to go to university out of any of your siblings then it can be a little scary and intimidating, but no worries… it’s almost nothing like what you […]

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Prime Lecture Spots

Anywhere you can hear the professor (which usually includes being in somewhere in the middle). Not the first row. I always catch myself looking too high up at the lecture power point and the professor. It makes taking down notes a bit uncomfortable. Luckily, not all lecture halls are like this Kerr Hall is somewhat […]

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5 Reasons Why 8am Classes Aren’t So Bad

Okay okay, I know most of you are probably already shaking your heads at this BUT before you press the little X at the top right corner just hear me out. My concentration levels are MUCH higher in earlier classes (with a black coffee of course). I’m much more awake and notice I retain more information […]

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How To: Get Motivated For School After A Long Break In 3 Easy Steps

If you’re anything like me, having almost a full month’s break from my last exam to the first day of school in the New Year makes me excited to be back! I missed all hustle and bustle of the downtown core, learning new things, and meeting new people. But one week into school and I’m […]

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S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting With Me!

As university students were almost always trying to stay on track and ahead of the game. This week was Ryerson’s Entrepreneurship week and I was lucky enough to get enough time to attend a couple of these events. I learned about everything from setting goals to keeping motivated. So this week I decided to share with […]

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Example of student essay

5 Differences Between Writing High School vs. University Level Papers

Making a smooth transition from high school into university can be frustrating. You’re putting in the same amount of effort and work but you’re not getting the marks you’re used to getting? Although the standard of writing is obviously higher, there are certain elements of writing which differ and could be the difference between an […]

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Ryerson student textbooks

How To: Save On Textbooks Around Ryerson

The first few weeks of school after any long break can be stressful, and keeping finances in check (or else you’ll be living off of ramen noodles for the semester) can be causing even more of a headache. Besides that, having class 100 meters away from the Eaton Centre poses its own challenges. Here are […]

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The 8 Do’s and Don’ts of University Life

DO start your readings right away. They pile up way too quickly after the first week and catching up can be brutal. DON’T assume your first and second year marks don’t count. Cumulative GPA’s of your whole 4 years are looked at during applications for many masters, law schools, and MBA’s. It’s much easier trying […]

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