Programming 101 – Logic Structures

Hey guys! Last time on Programming 101 we took a look at the very basic structure of a C++ program. Preprocessor directives, libraries, and classes were also briefly discussed. I recommend reading that post first, right over here, as it will help provide more context to today’s discussion. Alright then! I’ll try to cover as […]

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A Guide To Effective Learning

  We’ve all been there before. You feel lazy, unproductive and like you’re in a slump – the last thing you want to do is learn. Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing some of the techniques I use to get into a learning mindset or when I’m tackling a really difficult subject. I think that many of […]

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Oculus Rift & More – Ted Roger’s Management Conference

  Hey guys! I recently attended the annual Ted Rogers School of Management Conference with my wearable technology company team members. Our company, known as Klaptic, is all about increasing the rate of adherence of medical prescriptions – making sure that people take their medication properly and on time. This event was a fantastic opportunity […]

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Downtown Food – The Senator

Hey guys! Food, food, and more great-tasting food! Today’s post is another addition to the Downtown Food posts, a series where I discuss some of the great restaurants and cuisine that downtown Toronto has to offer. This time I’ll be sharing my experience at The Senator, which is located at 249 Victoria Street (a short […]

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My Week In Pictures – A Visual Guide To Student Life

  Heys guys! Today I’ll be continuing the “My Week In Pictures” blog series. These posts are designed to give readers a better understanding of what life as a student at Ryerson University is like. Each picture corresponds to one school day during the last week of March. Let’s get to it!   Monday Attended […]

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Working With The Arduino Lilypad

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about the Arduino Lilypad and the world of wearable technology. I wanted this blog update to focus on the processes and steps that are involved with prototyping. I’ll be creating a tie that uses haptic feedback (vibration) and a dynamic neopixel light to alert the user. The alerts can […]

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Video – Ripley’s Aquarium Compilation

Hey guys! As promised, today I’ll be sharing some of the exciting moments I captured while at Ripley’s Aquarium. I’d recommend reading the original blog post first, as it had some pretty neat snaps as well. Enjoy! I really enjoyed seeing the jellyfish change color, although the sharks seemed quite energetic as well! Until next […]

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Klaptic – A Wearable Technology Exposition

Hey guys! These past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people developing a company known as Klaptic. Klaptic is a comprehensive system that incorporates wearable technology in order to solve a major problem – the issue of medical drug compliance. In other words, Klaptic looks to solve the underlying problem […]

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Fast Cars & More – The Canadian International Autoshow

Hey guys! I recently went to an amazing autoshow at the Metro Toronto Convention Center and I wanted to share my experience. The Canadian International Autoshow is an annual event that showcases some of the latest automobiles coming to the market, in addition to some very cool automobile concepts. I’m not going to even attempt […]

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Droids (1)

Learning Stop Motion Animation – Lego Star Wars Style

Hey guys! I’ve been interested with stop motion animation for a long time and always wanted to learn its intricacies. This past year I watched a ton of YouTube tutorials and read a bunch of articles on how to get started with stop motion animations, which is how I came to the conclusion of using […]

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