Author: Mady


Hey guys! I'm Mady, a first year Graphic Communications Management student here at Ryerson! Hopefully by the end of my degree I will have my B.Tech and a minor in Law Studies and Professional Communication! This is my first year in Toronto and at the amazing Ryerson University, and so far I'm having a blast! I'm the GCM Course Union First Year Representative and I'm also involved with The Scope, Ryerson's new radio station! Follow my blogs to find out about my journey as a first year, life in residence and all sorts of amazing Ryerson events!


So Long, Farewell

WhyRyerson: you have been one of my many Ryerson homes (yes, a home) for the past three years. Through you I shared my joys and struggles of my university experience, but now going into fourth year I …


Ryerson in the Spring

There's still a bit of a chill in the air, but we're told it's going to warm up this week! Toronto is such a beautiful city, and it is even more beautiful in the spring and summer! Luckily for us ther…


Summer Jobs 101

So Summer is right around the corner (this 15 degree weather, am I right?!), and that means it’s time to start thinking about summer jobs. This can be the most stressful thing for students but here ar…


Less $$, No Problems.

Feeling that money pain? OSAP running low? Well have no fear, I've come up with some sa-weet tidbits of info for you to save some dollars around Ryerson: 1. Ryerson Students Preferred Network …