Auditions for Dances at Ryerson Theatre School

Hi! My name is Jordan and this is my second year as a Student Ambassador. I am a third year Performance Dance student at the Ryerson Theatre School. I’m from Thunder Bay, a small city in Northern Ontario. I absolutely love living in downtown TO and attending Ryerson University. Ryerson is so diverse and has so much to offer on and off campus!

This week at the Ryerson Theatre School has been a busy one. Auditions for third and fourth year dance students have been held to determine who will be performing in Dances in November. Four guest choreographers with impressive backgrounds auditioned the two upper years while faculty took notes. All dancers worked extremely hard in the auditions, as all want a role in Dances. Dances is held each November in the Ryerson Theatre. The production is produced by Ryerson Theatre Faculty , and showcases third and fourth year performance dance students. There are four different pieces in the show, each with its own choreographer and unique style. Dances is an exciting time for upper year dancers to showcase their talents and artistry. All are welcome to enjoy this amazing show! As for now, students continue with their regular classes until results of the audition are posted. Have a great week everybody!

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