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Hello everyone! This is Matthew Haddad checking in once again to let you know about the wonderful places to visit and sights to see around Ryerson University. Toronto has multiple venues displaying artifacts from our historical past and our present day culture. For today’s post, I would like to talk about the museums and show rooms that display all forms of art. Whether you are looking to check out independent pieces of art, or pieces of art curated in museums from long ago, there are many spots to visit around the city to experience a different type of fun, while learning at the same time.

Our first stop around the city (and my personal favourite), is the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The museum itself is not far from our campus – about a 15-20 minute walk down Dundas Street West, or a 5 minute Toronto Transit (TTC) street-car ride. Admission for students is $11, however they also have free admission on Wednesday nights from 6 -8:30 pm. The AGO holds many different artifacts – you will find contemporary art, cultural art from other geographical locations around the world, old paintings from the Renaissance era, and more! Sometimes you will find contemporary artists and independent artists around the city guest lecturing about their own creations. They also have a nice café on the the 2nd floor, which serves awesome specialty drinks and tasty cupcakes, with free wireless internet to post about your fun time at the AGO online. If you want to take your experience one step further, you can join an adult art class and workshop. The great thing about the workshops is that their is no necessary prerequisite knowledge required, just a knack for learning and a vision to create.

Our second stop brings us to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), which takes a look into our historical, geographical, and specious past. The museum is located near Bloor Street and Queens Park. You can get there using the TTC subway system by boarding on the Dundas Street subway station and proceeding to Museum subway station. The ROM is great for anyone, but especially for someone like myself who pursued studies in history at Ryerson University. I love spending time there after class or during breaks, viewing what I had just learned about in class. It’s a surreal and unique feeling to have a museum so close to Ryerson University.

Another public museum we have close by is a showroom gallery designed and operated by Ryerson University. It is known as the Ryerson Image Centre (RIC). This facility is located within the Image Arts Building on campus, which is home to the Image Arts programs here at Ryerson. Their are many different collections to view within the gallery, including student projects on display within the facility.

As a student at Ryerson University you have the opportunity to visit museums that display our cultural traditions and historical past for a low price, or even for free! Take full advantage of such opportunities, by spending time viewing something new, interesting, and possibly something that you have learned in the past. It’s a very fulfilling and fun experience.

This is Matt with your summer hot spots update. Thanks for checking in!


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