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Hello again! Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing transition into the New Year, I spent the majority of my time proudly flaunting my pajamas like I was five years old again. My biggest accomplishment: Showing my mother the Harry Potter movies for the first time, which I absolutely knew she would adore.

But now, sadly, I have leave my cherished world of Sunday-slacking and back into the grind of life in the classroom. Surprisingly, rather than completely dreading the inevitable onslaught of work that will come, I’m excited, mostly due to the amazing classes that Ryerson has to offer.

Back in December I was perusing the course selection on the Ryerson website when I stumbled upon a word that caught my eye – spies. You know, the people with the expensive suits, fancy cars and licenses to kill. It just so happens Ryerson has a course shedding light on the people that, according to popular belief, work within the shadows. How the age of espionage started, why, and the global effect it had on major past events and its prevalence in the future are all topics that will be covered throughout the course. It is honestly the most interesting course I have ever taken so far, and it’s only been the first week! The lectures, given by Ryerson’s own Arne Kislenko, the head of history’s undergraduate department, are nothing short of engaging, riveting and flat-out mesmerizing.

Already my perspective history has completely changed as an important, and essential part to creating a better future. In particular, this course spurs questions about issues of national security, and about how far is too far for governments to aid in a country’s protection – all very important issues to debate and solve as we grow older.

It’s classes like these that make me grateful that I chose Ryerson University as the place to spend the next four years of my life. Great classes, great teachers, and memories to cherish for a long time.

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