7 Mobile Apps To Make Your Life Easier

There’s no questioning that many of us live our lives on our phones, so I’ve narrowed down seven mobile apps that all Ryerson students should download to make their lives a little easier (iPhone- and Android-friendly).

As a fun little note on this, something that I quickly learned is that you need a Canadian iTunes account to download some of these apps! If you’re going to be attending any Canadian university (especially Ryerson) I highly recommend making the switch.

P.S. I am aware my phone battery is dying.


Uber App

Apple App Store


For those of you who are new to the city Uber is a convenient and generally inexpensive way to travel
around town by car. When you download the app it allows you to choose a pick-up location and your destination with a set fare, and within a few minutes your driver will pick you up. What’s great about this app is Uber also allows you to “pool” with other users heading the same direction as you, they even have special time slots for fares at only $6!


Ryerson Mobile App

Apple App Store

Ryerson Mobile

This will be your go-to app for all things Ryerson. Want to book a study room? Ryerson mobile app. Want to see your schedule? Ryerson mobile app. Latest grades are posted? Ryerson mobile app. I find that this is an especially underused app that has so much to offer! On top of academics it even includes an interactive campus map to help you get around.


Gmail App

Apple App Store


This one is especially important if you want to be on the ball with all your Ryerson emails. Here’s step by step instructions for synching your email to your Gmail mobile phone app.


Starbucks App

Apple App Store


Chances are if you’re a student one of your main priorities is being caffeinated every moment of everyday. Download the Starbucks app to gain points for every dollar you spend to earn discounts and free drinks and food! Bonus: downloading the app allows you to order your drinks to your set store location ahead of time so you get to skip the line.


Ride The City App

Apple App Store

Ride The City

This app is especially useful during the summer. Ride The City allows you to see a map of all the Bike Share locations around Toronto. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bike Share, it’s a program that allows you to borrow a bike
for the day or even a few hours and drop it off at any other location! On top of that, this app helps you map out all the safest bike routes for you to take in Toronto.


Just Eat App

Apple App Store

Just Eat

Just Eat is a food delivery system available in Toronto. They offer the same prices as the restaurant, and on top of that they even have special student discounts and loyalty rewards programs. So, whether you’re at home hanging out, or up late studying at the SLC Just Eat makes delivering meals to you almost too convenient.


TTC Watch App

Apple App Store

TTC Watch   

This app is going to be your new best friend, especially if you’re commuting to campus for class. TTC Watch is one of a few apps that will give you up-to-date arrival times based on the GPS location of TTC streetcars and buses. You can choose your most used locations and get arrival time reminders if you’re like me and are always running late.

Feature image: smartphone-blog.de
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