7 Great YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

With the Information Age came a huge focus on the computerization of information, most evident in the video-sharing website YouTube. While an extreme YouTube addiction (is that even a thing!?) can be unhealthy, there’s nothing like kicking back and burning an hour (or two) on YouTube, catching up with your favorite Channel and fellow YouTuber. Below I’ve listed 7 of my favorite YouTube Channels, in addition to a small description for each and what I thought would be a decent introductory video. Enjoy!


1) The Game Theorists

This first Channel on the list is all about – you guessed it – gaming! From connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated historical video game events to talking about how World of Warcraft players may help save the economy (seriously), The Game Theorists will provide you with that sweet dose of gaming nostalgia you’ve been craving for.


2) Actualized.org

Leo Gura lends viewers some of his vast self-motivation and self-actualization wisdom in this Channel. Actualized is all about mastering your own psychology. Obtaining better self-discipline, improving your communication skills, dealing with depression, and maintaining a positive attitude are some of the topics covered. This guy is amazing – check out his Channel!


3) Nigahiga

Ryan Higa’s channel Nigahiga consists of a large number of parodies and hilarious opinion pieces, as well as commentaries on societal issues such as cyber bullying and The Olympics. Many of the videos on this Channel will have you actually laughing out loud, with my favorites being ‘Love Literally’ and ‘Google Glass Human.’


4) LastWeekTonight

A satirical news commentary hosted by John Oliver, this YouTube Channels features clips from the late-night talk show. Oliver knows how to captivate audiences with hysterical references and makes me never want to watch boring, regular news again. Staying informed about the world while getting a healthy dose of laughter? That’s two wins in my books.


5) Vsauce3

Vsauce3 follows Jake as he traverses all things fictional, including video games, movies, TV shows, and other popular culture. GameLUT, one of the video series on this Channel, features super-cool, nerdy merchandise. Occasionally, science is thrown into the midst as well (Vsauce and Vsauce2 focus mainly on science and technology, respectively) in order to explain fantastical worlds. Questions like ‘Could Godzilla exist?’ and ‘How hard would Superman punch?’ are some of the things addressed in this Channel.


6) Domics

Domics is more of a low-key YouTube channel. It features a number of hand-drawn and digitally animated creative short stories. Some of these stories are genuinely hilarious, while others like ‘Valentine’ are just outrageously ridiculous. While Ryan Higa’s comedy is largely based off of puns and parodies, Domics takes everyday life and presents it in a humorous fashion. It’s definitely worth a watch!


7) CrashCourse

Ever wanted to learn about drought and famine? How about monkeys and morality? Chemical polymers? CrashCourse is an ongoing compilation of 10 to 15 minute educational videos. Think of it as watching the videos on Khan Academy, only this time the sessions are lighter in nature with more dynamic content (and you probably don’t have a final exam worth 50% in the next 15 minutes, trust me it will happen). Hurrah for free education!


Which YouTuber do you think should make this list? Did I miss out on your favorite YouTube Channel (*cough* Buzzfeed *cough*)? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, happy YouTubing!



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