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Wanna hear probably one of the greatest timetables of all times? Take a read at my course load for this semester!

Hey guys! Because my mind nowadays has been very school related, I thought I’d give you a background as to which courses I am taking right now and what they are all about! For those of you who do not know, I am in first year, Graphic Communications Management! So here’s my course load:

Marketing (MKT100)

A business based course, this class teaches students how to and why things in business and life are represented to us and sold to us. A very interesting course, because it allows you to look at everything around you differently. From your coffee cup to your textbook, everything is marketed!

Layout and Typography (GRA102)

A design-based class focusing on everything and anything creative! We learn different typefaces, how to design, and how to make awesome documents ready for print!

Introduction to Premedia (GRA103)

Pre-what? Premedia is a course that teaches students how to make documents print ready and fantastic! We learn many photoshop and document design techniques. So far my projects have been awesome and have allowed me to apply both my creative skills and my analytic skills! This is definitely one of my favourite courses!

Printing Processes (GRA104)

A course all about printing! Doing instrumentation exercises and learning how to make our creative documents a reality! Lab exercises are loads of fun, recently some of my favourite exercises have been the ink mixing test and paper endurance! This course allows us to work hands on with industry tools and it is a great introduction to all of the printing processes.

Popular Culture (SOC202)

Ever wanted to learn how to analyze the ever changing popular world around you? Take this class! It makes the ordinary turn in the extra-ordinary and it allows you to see why things are as they are around you!

Biology of a Living City (BLG181)

For anyone who has ever taken biology, or has a slight interest in it, this introductory biology class is for you! Focusing on evolution and the world around us, it will let you know how things work around you!

Hollywood and Society (SOC902)

Hands down, my favourite class this semester. This course focuses on the evolution of Hollywood and the film industry. Our classes take place in the Yonge and Dundas movie theatres, and we get to see some of Hollywood’s classics on the big screens! Definitely a super neat class!

Overall, you can tell my courses are fantastic! If you have any recommendations for future courses, let me know! 🙂

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Hey guys! I'm Mady, a first year Graphic Communications Management student here at Ryerson! Hopefully by the end of my degree I will have my B.Tech and a minor in Law Studies and Professional Communication! This is my first year in Toronto and at the amazing Ryerson University, and so far I'm having a blast! I'm the GCM Course Union First Year Representative and I'm also involved with The Scope, Ryerson's new radio station! Follow my blogs to find out about my journey as a first year, life in residence and all sorts of amazing Ryerson events!

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