5 Student Groups You Need to Join This Year

Ryerson has something for everyone when it comes to student groups. Classes should be your main focus at school, but let’s not forget how fun it is to get involved in the Ryerson community! From religious groups, to cultural groups, to social groups, to professional groups you have a PLETHORA of choices awaiting you.

(Insider tip: lots of student groups offer FREE FOOD so do not delay, join one today!)

rwil1. RWIL – Ryerson Women in Leadership

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be in business, or a woman, to join RWIL! This group is focused on empowering women as strong leaders. They host events throughout the year but their big shebang is a two-day conference in March that you CANNOT miss. To join this motivational group, check out their Facebook page!


2. Poetic Exchange

If you like poetry, spoken word, rap, or creative writing this is the group for you. Poetic Exchange hosts poetry slams (sometimes featuring special guests!) and writing workshops to help you bring out your inner poet! Their words may be powerful and mighty, but they are open to beginners or spectators as well. Check them out on Facebook and join the conversation with #POEX.

14211955_10153730588371244_962397347509157822_n 3. The Beverage Enthusiasts Society

A quirky new group on campus, the Beverage Enthusiasts Society is dedicated to people who are enthusiastic about beverages, apparently.  We’re talking milkshakes, kale smoothies, soda pop, or classic tap water because these people don’t discriminate. Join to learn about the art of mixology and mingle with students who love drinks!


12321366_1125100167522136_5229574112615404080_n4. Musicians@Ryerson

This is one of Ryerson’s biggest student groups, and there’s a reason why! This is the only music group on campus, so whether you are a guitar-toting singer-songwriter or an award-winning cellist, you can expect to meet a wide variety of musicians through this group. Workshops, concerts, open mics are just some of the fun that awaits you with M@R!


1796451_713661638750832_7820106610531586817_n5. Association of Ryerson Roleplayers and Gamers (ARRG!)

If board games, video games, card games, or roleplaying games are your cup of tea, you need to join ARRG! ASAP! Release your inner nerd on their lively Facebook group to learn more about their game nights. You’ll never be complaining about having nothing to do after class again! 

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