11 Featured Student Groups at Ryerson

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One of the best parts about coming to university is the opportunity to connect with an entirely new network of students that share your exact same interests. From movies, music, gaming, and anime to volunteering, animals, and activism, Ryerson offers over 80 wonderfully diverse student led groups you can be a part of and interact with students who are just like you! So, I’d like to introduce you all to 11 featured student groups that caught my attention while searching through the list.

1. Association of Ryerson Role-Players & Gamers (ARRG): for those who love all those beautifully nerdy games like Dungeons and Dragons. I actually saw this club gathering in the cafeteria on a saturday afternoon, and it was pretty spectacular to say the least.

2. Love Your Neighbour: this club is great for finding volunteer opportunities around Toronto as well as going on missions in developing countries. I went to the Dominican Republic in my grade 12 year to build a house and had an unforgettable experience, so I can definitely say joining a club like this will be life changing!

3. Chess Club: I don’t actually know how to play chess, but I’ve always wanted to be a part of something nerdy like this. (I have a strong desire to be a true nerd as you can see). There’s a 103% chance I’m going to end up joining this club.

4. Model United Nations: this is also something I’m going to have to check out. If you’ve never heard of model UN, it’s basically a mock political meeting between different countries where students can practice their skills in debating and problem solving while competing with other universities!

5. Musicians at Ryerson: for all you musical kids, this club offers musicians of all kinds a place to gather, discuss the business, form bands, organize performances on campus, attend workshops held by industry professionals, or just jam together.

6. SMASH – Students for Mental Awareness Support & Health: if you’re passionate about mental health issues, this is a great opportunity to work towards creating initiatives on campus to raise awareness and provide safe environments for those dealing with mental health issues.

7. RUanime: for all those who love anime, manga, cosplay, and any other sub-genre of animation fandom. I don’t know much about anime except that it sounds really cool, but this club is definitely the perfect chance to connect with others who share these very specific interests!

8. RyeSERT: another volunteer based group made up of students with experience in areas of firefighting, paramedics, life guards, and first responders. The club focuses on providing medical help at Ryerson events and in residence. If this interests you, it could be a great way to gain experience in the medical field while engaging with the Ryerson community.

9. Stop Impaired Driving Student Association: this is a group for students interested in raising awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence. They organize various events around campus and work towards spreading a very important message of safety to our students.

10. Vegetarian Education Group: I’m a meat lover myself, but I can certainly appreciate a group that allows you to connect through an issue that has such a huge impact on your life. Students will be educated on environmental issues, health benefits, and animal cruelty associated with the mass consumption of animal products.

11. RyeFLIX: I actually can’t believe I’m not already in this group. This is a movie club for Ryerson students who love watching, discussing, and learning about film. They hold movie-themed parties and screenings while organizing workshops and events to promote the art of film!

And now you already have 11 great student groups to check out during orientation week! You can also browse the complete list of Ryerson student groups here, and if there’s anything you’re interested in that’s not already available, don’t be afraid to start your own group!

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