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Welcome to KeepSober DUI - DWI Classes. This is for people that are fulfilling substance abuse education requirements for DUI/DWI arrests in Maryland an Pennsylvania.:

At the completion of a Program you will receive the necessary documents for the Program's completion, eg., a Certificate of Completion that is state approved in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

IMPORTANT: KeepSober is the exlusive APPROVED provider of online classes.

How Does It Work?

Start by Registering and Enrolling in a Program by clicking the button above. When you complete your Registration you will be directed to a payment page depending on the state you selected. Payment is made through and KeepSober does not directly or indirectly have access to your financial information.

Getting Help

Our experience reveals that helping you is best done through email. Here are the important emails you will need:

If you are using mutiple emails or someone is assisting you, make sure that the email you Registered with is included.